Gateway to Early Childhood Programs

SPARK’s Gateway to Early Childhood Programs help Aurora’s highest-need children gain access to early learning and development programs, services and resources. Our program strategies include:

  • Play.Learn.Connect., which unites local agencies and school districts in collaborative outreach to identify and enroll at-risk children
  • early childhood developmental screenings
  • parent/child activities 
  • Family Gateway Interview: a single entry point for families looking to learn more about early childhood program and service opportunities 

Using a community Geographic Information System (GIS) map, SPARK pinpoints locations of families with children age birth to five living below 50% poverty level and at 100% and 185% poverty levels. These families are also linguistically isolated with Spanish as their main language.

Once we meet with and interview a family, we help them determine the best early childhood placement according to their needs and risk factors. We also provide information about the importance of continual developmental screening. Partner agencies and school-district representatives are involved as well in meeting and connecting with families and children.

To learn even more about SPARK’s Gateway to Early Childhood Programs, please call us at (630) 896-4636 today.