Check Your Child's Development

An expert screening is fun for your child - and free for you.

Every parent wants to understand their child. That's what Developmental Screenings are about: Discovering, with help from an expert, which skills your child has developed and what you can expect next.

Because the more you know your child's needs, the more you can help them as they grow.

SPARK Aurora's screenings are for any child aged 5 or younger. A specialist will lead you and your child in simple, fun activities designed to check your child's language, hearing, social and emotional skills. If we notice a concern, we'll help you find the help your child needs. You’ll leave with a parent tip sheet and a better sense of your child’s development and how you can continue to support their growth and learning.

What Happens At a Developmental Screening?

Don't let the name fool you - screenings feel like play for most kids!

You’ll meet a Family Engagement Specialist in the children’s area of either Santori or Eola Library. They'll bring a fun bag of objects for your child to interact with - toys like balls, crayons and books - and use them to check on your child's development.

You'll participate with your child and can ask as many questions as you Iike. Most screenings take 20-30 minutes. You’ll leave with a better understanding of what skills your child has mastered and how you can support their growth and development.

We recommend developmental screenings every 6 months for most children. Walk-ins are welcome, or you can make
an appointment by calling 630-896-4636.

Upcoming Screening Dates