Attend a Playgroup

For you and your child, playgroups are social, educational-and free.

Playing is learning. That's especially true for young kids. The more your child plays, the better prepared they’ll be to start kindergarten and to succeed at school.

SPARK Aurora's  playgroups are for any child aged 5 or younger. Older siblings can join, too. Our Family Engagement specialist will lead you in fun games and activities using materials we provide. Your child will be practicing the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills they need for kindergarten - all while having fun with you and other kids.

Playgroups are free to anyone, and there's no registration needed. Simply show up, ready to have fun! You can add our upcoming playgroups to your calendar now or call 630-896-4636 for more information.

What Happens at a playgroup?

SPARK Aurora playgroups are like "pop-up preschool"

You'll connect with your child - and with other parents and young children, too - as we lead you in fun activities like games, crafts and art projects every kid will love.

Groups last about an hour, and all materials are provided for you. There's also a snack for kids and families to enjoy.