Newsletter January 2018

Newsletter December 2017
January 10, 2018
January Calendar
January 10, 2018
Happy New Year!
To all of our partners, colleagues, friends and families we wish you a happy New Year! We hope your holiday season has been filled with loved ones, beautiful memories and family time.
2017 was an exciting year at SPARK! We continued our efforts in identifying and enrolling families into early childhood programs. This past year we worked with 313 families with 380 children and completed 101 developmental screenings. We continue to work with our local agencies and school districts to make sure all children are strong, prepared and ready for Kindergarten.
We think 2018 is going to be our best year yet! One of our exciting new partnerships for 2018 is with the VNA. We are working to transform their WIC waiting room into a Play. Learn. Connect. Family Resource Center. Our goal is to transform the space changing it from a room where families wait to a room where you can play with your children, learn about monthly topics and connect with resources in our community! We will continue to host community wide screenings and Play. Learn. Connect. family events.
Happy New Year we hope you have a great 2018!
Trish, Kassia, Alyse and Sara

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Aurora Children’s Dental


Aurora Children’s Dental is a non-profit corporation that is dedicated to providing free dental care to children in need. They provide treatment to children who cannot afford or have access to necessary dental care. ACDS is a group comprised of women volunteering their time to raise funds to benefit area children. Their funding comes from their annual children’s play, grants, and a fall fundraiser, sponsored by Aurora Junior Woman’s Club. They provide a wide range of dental services, generally treating those children in need of urgent care. ACDS only services school age children. The success of their program stems from their ability to cultivate and maintain relationships with a group of dentists who are willing to provide treatment at a reduced fee. The cost for treatment is paid entirely by their organization. Aurora Children’s Dental’s email is and their phone number is 630-640-9662. Or, Check out for more information.
Aurora Public Library Winter Calendar

SPARK Monthly Meeting 



The authors of The Thinking Teacher provide the following list of characteristics of intentional teaching to help experienced teachers identify it in their work, and to support college students or new teachers to ensure its use:
“You are knowledgeable. You understand child development, and you know the early learning standards, individual content areas, and proven methods of instruction.
You have a relationship with each student.
You adapt to new challenges. You adjust your instruction to the different learning needs of students…
You plan from your goals. You write goals based on your knowledge of the students’ needs…
You assess students and incorporate the assessment results in your planning.
You reflect on your teaching. You regularly reflect on your assessment to determine if you have met your goals.
You do not give up. You use problem solving to address new challenges…
You see yourself as a lifelong learner.”
Source:  ExchangeEveryDay
Illinois Action for Children 

Dear Child Care Provider,
By completing the IDHS Health and Safety Training requirements, you may qualify for higher CCAP payments. You could receive a quality bonus of 10%, 15% or even 20% to your CCAP payment. The chart below describes the payment increases with the corresponding trainings that must be completed for each Tier.
10% Higher Payments 15% Higher Payments 20% Higher Payments
Illinois ECE Level 1: Tier 1 Illinois ECE Level 1: Tier 2 Illinois ECE Level 1: Tier 3
Module 1: Child Growth and Development Module 3: Observation and Guidance Module 7a: Child Growth and Development (Birth to 8 months)
Module 2a: Health Issues in Group Care Module 4: Learning Happens in Relationships Module 7b: Child Growth and Development (8 months to 18 months)
Module 2b: Nutrition Issues in Group Care Module 5: Family and Community Relationships Module 7c: Child Growth and Development (18 months to 36 months)
Module 2c: Safety Issues in Group Care Module 6: Personal and Professional Development Module 8a: Preschool Child, Social Emotional Development
Module 8b: Preschool Child, Physical Development
Module 8c: Preschool Child, Language Development
Module 8d: Preschool Child, Cognative Development
Module 9: School Age Development
To be eligible, you also must complete the QRS Orientation for LEFCC Providers before filling out the application:
  1. Log into Gateways i-learning. Go to
  2. Log into your Gateways Registry record using your Gateways ID from step 1
  3. Search “Quality Counts QRS” for Quality Counts QRS Orientation for LEFCC Providers
  4. Take the online course Quality Counts QRS Orientation for LEFCC Providers (1 hour)
  5. Print course completion certificate
Send your documents to receive higher payments:
  1. Download the Quality Counts – QRS application
  2. Complete the application
  3. Include a copy of previous or current month’s CCAP billing certificate, if applicable
  4. Mail all of the supporting documents:
1226 Towanda Plaza
Bloomington, Illinois 61701
Call Illinois Action for Children: 312.823.1421 or INCCRRA: 866.697.8278 with any questions.
The Provider Resources Team
Illinois Action for Children

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