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Newsletter November 2017
November 9, 2017
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January 10, 2018


Why Developmental Screening is Important
      1. What is developmental screening?

  • Developmental milestones are abilities achieved by most children by a certain age.
  • Developmental screening provides a quick check of your child’s development. It can be thought of a snapshot of your child’s motor, cognitive, language, and social-emotional skills.
  • Screening will help determine if your child is meeting the appropriate milestones for their age.
2. Why is screening important?

  • It’s estimated that 1 in 7 children are affected by developmental delays, learning disorders, and behavioral and social-emotional problems.
  • Only a fraction of these children (20% to 30%) are identified as needing help before school begins.
  • By participating in a developmental screening program, parents can check their child’s development and address any potential concerns. Intervention before kindergarten has huge benefits because it sets children up for future success! Studies have shown that children who receive early treatment for developmental delays are more likely to graduate from high school, hold jobs, live independently, and avoid teen pregnancy, delinquency, and violent crime.
3. What are the benefits of screening?
  • Your answers will help you learn more about your child’s developmental milestones. After completing ASQ, many parents and they have a better understanding of what to expect next in their child’s development. This makes celebrating milestones easier and all the more exciting!
  • Your answers will show your child’s strengths, and highlight any areas in which your child may need more help or practice. And if additional practice is needed, I can share some fun and easy activities ( that you and your child can do at home.
  • Your answers will help me get to know your child better and how I can support in the classroom. This may include modifying certain classroom activities.
  • Your answers will be helpful in determining whether your child needs further support or assessment. It’s best to share concerns early when your child can reap the benefits of early intervention, rather than waiting until your child starts school. And even if a concern is a typical variation in development, it’s better to raise concerns with a professional so you can be sure.
Join us for our next community wide screening! 

SPARK Monthly Meeting

Professional Development Grants Available through the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago 

Dear Early Childhood Educators,
*Are you continuing your education by attending a conference or workshop for professional development hours?
*Are you achieving a Gateways Credential, Child Development Associate (CDA), or Certified Child Care Professional (CCP)?
If you answered yes to the questions above, then you should apply for Individual Professional Development Funds!
YWCA Metropolitan Chicago is offering funds to assist individual pursuit of professional development in early care and education and school-age care. Funds are provided by the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS).
Funds can be requested for:
  • Individual registration fees associated with conferences/workshops not required by ExceleRate Illinois.
  • The conference/workshop must be off-site from your place of employment and must be related to early care and education, school-age care or child care administration/management.
  • Fees associated with webinars/online training that is Illinois Gateways to Opportunity Registry-approved.
  •  Travel/Transportation cost.
  •  Lodging cost.
  •  Costs associated with the following credentials:
    • Child Development Associate (CDA)
      • Certified Child Care Professional (CCP)
      • Gateways Credentials (IDC, ECE, ITC, SA, FCC, FSC)
Thank you!
Please contact Carrie Pierce with further questions.
Becas Para Desarrollo Profesional Están Disponibles Para FY’18!
*¿Continúa su educación asistiendo a una conferencia o taller para horas de desarrollo profesional?
*¿Está consiguiendo un Credencial de Gateways, Asociado en Desarrollo del Niño (CDA), o Certificación Profesional de Cuidado de Niños (CCP)?
¡Si contestó que sí a las preguntas anteriores, entonces usted debe solicitar para los Fondos de Desarrollo Profesional!
La YWCA Metropolitan Chicago está ofreciendo fondos para asistir a los individuos en la búsqueda de su desarrollo profesional en el cuidado y la educación temprana, y cuidado de edad escolar. Los fondos son proveídos por el Departamento de Servicios Humanos de Illinois (IDHS).
Los fondos pueden ser solicitados para:
  • Costos de registración individuales asociados a conferencias/talleres no requeridos por ExceleRate Illinois.
  • La conferencia/taller debe ser fuera de su lugar de trabajo y debe ser relacionado a cuidado y educación temprana, cuidado de edad escolar o administración/manejo de negocio de cuidado de niños.
  • Costos asociados con entrenamientos en línea que son aprobados por el Registro de Gateways to Opportunity.
  • Costos de Viaje/Transportación.
  • Costo de Alojamiento.
  • Costos asociados a los siguientes credenciales:
    • Asociado en Desarrollo del Niño (CDA)
      • Certificación Profesional de Cuidado de Niños (CCP)
      • Credencial de Gateways (IDC, ECE, ITC, SA, FCC, FSC)

Póngase en contacto con Carrie Pierce con más preguntas.


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