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for our Community Members

SPARK builds connections in our community by:

  • Coordinating efforts among school districts' early childhood programs, Head Start, child care providers, and other early learning projects to maximize impact and efficiency.
  • Supporting quality improvement in early childhood education and care programs in Aurora.

GIS Maps of Aurora

Find out more about the different levels of poverty, early childhood education sites and children by school districts and census tracts.  Click on the map to download.

Find out more about linguistic isolation, early childhood education sites and children by zip codes and census tracts.  Click on the map to download.


Quick Facts about Illinois

  1. Approximately 1 million children under age 6
  2. Just under 40% are Low Income, including 20% in poverty.
  3. Chicago is home to 37% of Children with High Needs under age 6.
  4. Latino population is growing rapidly across the State, including in suburban and rural communities.
  5. About 1 in 4 children born in the past year in Illinois is Latino.

Quick Facts about Aurora

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Scholarship Opportunity

The Fox Valley Park District is offering a scholarship program to help qualifying children and adults participate in recreation programs. The program offers up to a $40 scholarship per person for each program season. The funds may be used to sign up for a program of the participant's choice*.

Resident children under the age of 18 who qualify also may purchase a Fox Valley Kids coupon booklet for admission to district facilities, including the water parks and Blackberry Farm, for the summer. The coupon booklet is sold for $10 and offers admission coupons equal to a $324 value.

To qualify for a scholarship and/or coupon book purchase, participants must complete a scholarship application form and provide proof of household income. The program is targeted at assisting those at or below the federal poverty levels.

Applications are available at the following locations:

  • Eola Community Center, 555 S. Eola Road, Aurora
  • Prisco Community Center, 150 W. Illinois Ave., Aurora
  • Vaughan Athletic Center, 2121 W. Indian Trail, Aurora
  • Cole Center Administration Office, 101 W. Illinois Ave., Aurora

For more information, call the Park District at 630-897-0516 or visit  You can also view a letter as well as the actual applications below.

Fox Valley Park District Scholarship Letter

Fox Valley Park District Scholarship Application

Fox Valley Park District Scholarship Application - Español

*Scholarships may be used for in-house/non-contractual programs only. For more information, contact the Park District at 630-897-0516.

Find lots of data and useful information about our community and our needs.

Illinois Early Childhood Asset Map (IECAM)

The Illinois Early Childhood Asset Map (IECAM) provides demographic data on young children and data on early care and education (ECE) services in Illinois. The demographic data include data on population, poverty, language, and working family conditions. ECE data include data on slot-based services such as Preschool for All, Head Start, and child are; and non-slot-based services such as early intervention and Parents Too Soon.

Check out Kane County's initiative to combat childhood obesity!

Fit for Kids

Children born today may live shorter, less healthy lives than their parents and grandparents! Why? Too many of our children are overweight.

Across Kane County, 1 out of 5 kids is overweight. In some Kane communities that number is an even more alarming 1 out of 3! As these children get older, they are more likely to be stricken with diabetes, bone and joint problems, heart disease, and other serious health problems.

Anyone looking for upstream solutions to the biggest problems facing America should look below to understand the great gains to be had by investing in early and equal development of human potential.

Heckman Equation

Research. Data. Lectures. Advocacy. Use these resources to promote the value of investing in early childhood development—just use them wisely.


  • Invest - Invest in educational and development resources for disadvantaged families to provide equal access to successful early human development.
  • Develop - Nurture early development of cognitive and social skills in children from birth to age five.
  • Sustain - Sustain early development with effective education through to adulthood.
  • Gain - Gain a more capable, productive and valuable workforce that pays dividends to America for generations to come.

A source of evidence-based, reliable information on early care and education for parents, caregivers, and teachers of young children in Illinois.

Illinois Early Learning Project

Collective Impact Article